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by FactSnap - Free Business Listings & Article Submission on 02/11/2011 - 11:30 pm

Several years ago, I couldn't tell you the difference between SERP and SLURP. While one may seem obvious, the other stands for Search Engine Results Page.  Anytime we conduct a search, regardless of the search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask), the results are displayed in a SERP.  For those of us interested in search engine optimization, obtaining a high placement on the SERP is imperative.


Up until just this past year, it was thought that you absolutely had to be on page one of the SERP to be found by internet customers.  Lately, there's seems to have been a shift in browsing habits whereby those searching for information are now paying more attention to the site description rather than placement in the top five spots of the SERP.  As many of you are probably aware, achieving a top five ranking in any search engine, for a competitive market, is at best very difficult.  Granted, some keyword searches may return less than 100,000 listings and your chances of a top spot will be dramatically increased.  However, a popular website or blog will probably need to compete on a SERP that returns millions of listings.  Since a top five position isn't imperative, although it would be a huge boost to one's ego, let's concentrate on a listing that shows up on page one or two of the SERP.


What are some of the common characteristics of those websites or blogs that routinely rank on the first couple of pages of a SERP?


  • Start listing your website or blog with directories that are industry specific.  A crime scene cleanup directory such as is a great example.  If you have a website or blog that offers crime scene cleanup or janitorial services, this directory and others like it would give your site a boost in search engine rankings.  Some directory websites offer a free listing option or inexpensive paid packages.  Other directories, such as can be quite expensive.  Choose a listing package that permits you to list your website address with a direct link back to your website.  Also, the directory should permit you to link keywords in the description area back to your website (backlinks).  Try to list your company and website in as many directories as possible.  Many SEO experts believe that a paid listing with Yahoo Directory will provide a boost to your SERP listing.  Again, listing your site with any good reputable directory service should be considered as a benefit to your optimization efforts.  Look for other websites as well that will offer a link to your website.  Use your keywords as anchor text on the listing website.  If your website is, try not to use as your anchor (linking) text.  You would probably want to use keywords or terms that people would use to find your services such as: general contractors, Dallas construction companies, home repair, etc.  Ask the referring website to link to your site using a keyword or keyword phrase.  If this isn't possible, go ahead and use your website URL as the anchor text for the link. 


  • Write a great META title for your website.  Use keywords or keyword terms that you want to rank high on a SERP.  Keep your title to 10 words or less.


  • Write a great META description for your website.  Do not write a description that is boring and unattractive.  Use words and phrases such as: Lowest Prices in Ohio, Best Trained in the City of Phoenix, Find a Coupon for 20% off on our Home Page and Order Today and Receive Free Shipping.  In addition to catch phrases, be sure to include two or three of your keywords or keyword phrases.



  • Write good content.  Each page of your site should have at lest 250 words of text, in paragraph form.  I would highly recommend at least 500 words.  Your text should be consistent with your META Title, META description and META keywords.  Your text should also include many of the keywords you would like to use for your SERP placement.  For example, if you would like to be listed on page one for indiana private investigations,  this keyword phrase should be repeated several times in your 500 word paragraph.


  • Make changes to your website on a regular basis.  Search engine spiders love fresh new content.  Old news and data will seldom rank high on an SERP, unless everything else you do is done very well


If you want more information regarding SERP placement, please post your questions in the form of a comment below.