Is This the Beginning or the End?

by FactSnap - Free Business Listings & Article Submission on 03/16/2011 - 10:17 pm

The Mayans, the Chinese, Nostradamus, the Bible, even the Indians predicted that life as we know it will come to an end.  Will we see this in December 2012 or will it be our children's children who are witness to the end of humanity . . . or maybe the beginning of something greater.

For those of us who follow Fox News and the pending global collapse of the economy, an end of something could certainly be near.  For those of us who can accept the fact that terrorist are within our midst and continue to flood into the United States, an end of something could certainly be near.  War, genocide and uprisings now dominate the evening news.  The effects of global climate change appear more ominous with each passing year. An end of something could certainly be near.  The year is 2012 . . . the end is here!  Do we fight to stay alive? Do we fight to protect those we love, or do we simply succumb to that which will eventually be.

Just as many of you, I spend too much time thinking about life.  Why have we been thrust into this game?  And, why weren't we given a choice?  If you believe in God, you're asked to trust. If you don't believe in God, you're left with the same questions that those of us who believe in God have.  Why?  Our existence has to be more than just believing in a God.  Life has to be more important.  And, life has to continue, it can't just end for all of us.

So we fight! We hear the burst of gunfire around us. We cover our ears to block the sounds of death. We cuddle with our kids in a makeshift safe room, hoping against hope that we'll survive another day.  The money we've saved our entire life is either worthless or frozen in a doomed bank. Supermarket shelves are bare and gas pumps are dry.  Business ceases to exist, police departments have disbanded and martial law is scarcely enforced.  As predicted, the end is here!

But we saw it coming, many of us for years.  So we stocked our shelves with food and water. We've reinforced our home as a king would his castle.  Guns and bullets have replaced table settings and school supplies. As we sit with our mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, we reminisce.  Old photo albums and home movies are once again cherished.  We find peace and solitude amidst the anguish and despair around us. But on the minds of everyone is the ever present question, why?  But, no longer a question of why are we here, but why are we going to die before we know why we are here.


We can all live our lives and question the reason for our existence. And, at some point we will come to realize that there is no obvious answer.  All we can hope for is that we as individuals have chosen a path through life that will give us some sense of worthiness.  That when our time is done, we will relish the fact that we made a difference and that someone else's life was better as a result of us being here. But what if we're not ready?  What if, in 2012, we all have too much still to accomplish.  We have dreams, not only for ourselves, but for our children too.  What about retirement, grandchildren, the next Superbowl party.  It's all gone. Our future is no more.  Our past was for naught!

Heaven may be grand and God and his angels supreme.  Or maybe not!  I trust, but trust bears no answers.  Regardless, I am not ready to die.  I am not ready to be part of any collapse of anything I currently know about. I don't want to stock up for doomsday.  I don't want to replace picture frames with grenades.  And, I don't want to create a safe room for my family to hide in.  I want a future and I want to live until I can say, "this is the reason I was alive".

We have the power to alter our destiny.  We the people of the world . . . the kind, gentle and caring people of every nation can make a change.  For too long we have allowed the few to overpower the many.  The few in government.  The few in our militaries. The few in our financial districts and the few in our religions.  The world population has been led astray by just a few.  Less than 1% of the world population have made the rules of the game we've been forced to play.  Although they may be ready for the end, I feel confident in speaking for you, your mother, your father and family when I say,


Fight for what you believe it.  Fight for life. Fight for a future. Let's begin anew, for the end of life should never be an option.