Cost Effective Advertising

by FactSnap - Free Business Listings & Article Submission on 02/11/2011 - 10:51 pm

Websites and blogs serve many purposes.  Some of us are looking for a source of additional income.  Many want to divulge never before heard of tips concerning website optimization, while a few simply want a forum through which to express their opinions.  Whatever the reasons, and there are many, we all crave visitors.


Visitors give credibility to the work we've put into the creation, implementation and upkeep of our website or blog.  Visitors can often express their appreciation or disdain for the content of our forum.  A visitor may buy something we have for sale or sign up for an important newsletter.  The bottom line is, visitors make the whole thing worth while.


Large companies spend thousands of dollars a month on internet advertising.  Most of us can't afford to compete in the same fashion.  Although we try to stretch our $100 budget as far as we can, it pales in comparison with the likes of Amazon, Target, Best Buy and AFLAC, just to name a few.  So how do we complete?  How do we become known?  And, how do we drive traffic to our websites?  The answer is simple and free (from a monetary standpoint) . . . GOOD CONTENT and NAME RECOGNITION!


Neither good content nor name recognition will happen overnight.  Chances are, if you start now, it won't even happen in 2009.  Although writing good copy (the text on your page) may come natural for some, for others it takes a lot of practice and study.  I personally have an entire library of advertising, marketing and copy writing books in my office.  I read them, understand about half of what I've read, then read them again.


Name recognition takes time and also a lot of hard work.  Think of  Were they a household name when they started?  Of course not!  A good product line and name recognition made them who they are today.  So, for you to start creating name recognition, you must first start with good content.  Once you've achieved this and it's been verified by others (often we're too kind on ourselves and need a second opinion), then start spreading the word.  As I said above, this is free from a monetary standpoint, but will cost you a lot of time.


Today, hundreds of social media and social networking websites encourage you to advertise your website or blog.  Some of the top sites to consider are:



Take time to visit the above listed sites, as well as the hundreds of other similar sites.  Find those that you feel comfortable with and that are similar in nature to the information or products you have available on your website or blog.  Take time to register at the sites you find interesting and useful and complete all of the information asked for in the profile section.  An incomplete profile page may cause you to lose a potential customer.


The above steps will take quite a bit of time.  However, using these sites and working them to your advantage will take even longer.  Set aside an hour each day, six days a week to add something to each of the sites you've chosen to work with.  Write good content about your website or blog and use plugins to update these sites when applicable.  Attach your signature to everything your write, with a link to your website included.


Over time, the links you spread throughout the internet will increase your pagerank (Google) and your overall worth throughout the internet.  The content you write, both on your website and the social sites you've chosen to work with, will create an interest.  As more and more good content is written, other website and blog authors will link to your site.  Again, this will further substantiate your website as a valid, worthwhile and productive website that should be visited.


Remember, good content and name recognition is the way in which every large corporation started.  A few advertising dollars won't hurt your efforts, however money is not required.