What Can I Put on My Shoes to Prevent Slipping on the floors?


Published: 08/11/2012

by Daniel Moore


Imagine you are walking around your favorite mall. You see a pretty pair of Jimmy Choos on sale!! Never mind that you end up paying the equivalent of the GDP of a small country. Anyway, you bring them home and you try them on. . . only to realize you slip and fall every time you wear them!! In addition to the problem of slipping, you are also faced with dealing with blisters and sores on your feet.

But wait. . don't despair. There are a few tricks that will help you avoid them and help you enjoy your shoes better! The slips and falls and the sore feet can be prevented.

First things first, please check the size of the shoes. Maybe the shoes are too big for you. If they are too big, then exchange them for ones that are of the right size. In case you cannot return or exchange them, buy some good quality insoles. These fill in the empty space in the shoes and also provide better grip . These can be purchased at a shoe store or at a drug store like Longs or Rite Aid. Or you can also try stuffing some old newspaper into the toe of your shoe. This helps push the heel back in its place.


If you have picked up slinky sandals, the pretty ones with a million straps and later realized that you are having trouble walking in them, use specialty grips to prevent the shoe from slipping. Or you can also use adhesives placed at the heels to get a better grip. You might need to use more than one adhesive. Or try spraying some hairspray around the inside of the shoes. This acts as adhesive too and helps the foot get a better grip.

If your shoes don't already have a sufficient amount of traction on the soles, we have some tips and tricks to help you fit your shoe better.

Ensure that you buy shoes with a low heel and good tread. Buy shoes that provide good traction.

Adding masking tape to the sole of your shoe provides better traction. Trim around the edges so that they are not visible when you walk.


Try attaching a thin piece of rubber to the sole. This can be found Michaels or your local art and craft store. Or you could consider recycling the rubber sole from an old pair of tennis shoes. Just trim the rubber to size and apply to the soles of your new shoes.

Use a grater on the sole of your shoes. The rough surface this creates provides better traction.

If you don't have a grater, use sandpaper on the sole of the shoes. This is gentler on the soles. Remember not to rub too hard. You don't want to damage those new shoes!

Learn to lace your shoe right. Changing your lacing pattern affects the fit of the shoe.

In order to improve the traction of your shoes, try using Traction Boards. These are very easy to use. All you have to do is step on the sticky surface to clean your shoes. Once you use the top most sheet, tear it off to expose a new sheet beneath