Muffler and Exhaust System Repair & Maintenance Tips


Published: 07/10/2012

by MufflerMan


A muffler is the exhaust system of an engine, designed to reduce emissions and noise. It is usually located underneath the car at the rear, though freighter trucks often use a vertically mounted system behind the cab.

A muffler consists of a backbox and one or more tailpipes. The muffler inlet is a resonator chamber that controls and directs the back pressure of the exhaust into the baffled chamber. There are two or more baffles inside a muffler which are tubes with holes drilled through them. The inlet baffles expel the exhaust and disperse them into the outlet baffles, misdirecting the exhaust back pressure and cancelling out the noise through destructive interference. There are all types of mufflers for cars. Many of today's cars use more than one muffler or a series of resonators along the stream of the exhaust pipes in order to help quiet the exhaust.

A muffler helps to reduce the tremendous amount of noise that an engine produces. Although internal combustion accounts for some of this noise, most of it comes from pressure waves generated by the rapid opening and closing of the engine's valves. The muffler's backbox is internally designed to receive the pressure waves and bounce them around inside carefully designed chambers and cylinders. The shape and length of these baffles creates pressure waves of a roughly equal nature moving in opposite directions. When they collide with one another, the waves of equal but opposite amplitude cancel each other out. One drawback of this design is that it causes backpressure, which impacts performance.

Because a muffler is located on the undercarriage, it is often neglected. A muffler can rust out over time, rot and even fall off the vehicle. It's a good idea to take a peek at your muffler from time to time to make sure it looks sound and is securely clamped. If a muffler becomes rotted, it's time to replace it. A muffler in poor condition may keep a car from passing state-required smog tests.

The internal combustion inside engine emits extremely loud exhaust. Muffler is used to control the back pressure of the engine. This in turn maintain important components of the engine, Muffler creates higher endurance and help to silence the noise. When this part starts to fail, one can find a noticeable effect which result in creating engine noise.

When muffler develops even a smallest fault, there is a need to engage a muffler auto repair shop. The trouble with a muffler starts when the car starts making a strange noise. The moment we find the noise we need to take the car for some local auto repair work and check the engine, muffler or exhaust systems.

Regular maintenance and car repairs are important to keep our cars running safely and efficiently, but what does this entail and why is it so important?

As soon as we feel that a fault may have developed with your exhaust and or muffler, you should seek Muffler Man Auto Repair Center as soon as possible. Muffler Man Centers offer individuals the option to modify their muffler so that their vehicle sounds better than brand new.