How To Create Your Own Dynamic Email Signature In Outlook


Published: 04/05/2012

by Rebecca LeClaire


Since I have been asked by a few of my clients recently how to do this, I thought there may be a few more out there that would like to know how to add images that link to websites or social media pages in their email signature too.
So here it is!:

Open Outlook (I am using Outlook 2010)
Click on New Email
Click on 'Signature' and then 'Signatures'
To create a new Signature, click on 'New' button and give it a name.
Then, type in your contact information.
To add the social media buttons and link them to your pages;
click on the picture icon and upload your facebook button image.
Once it is uploaded, click on the hyperlink icon and type in your facebook page link in the Address box, click OK.
Then do the same for each social media button you want on there.
Once done click 'Save' button on top and then 'OK' button on botton of signature window.
Outlook Signature