Should You Hire a Private Investigator?


Published: 02/06/2015

by Chris Plummer


Are you thinking about hiring a private investigator?


Before you make the decision, we are going to go over why you should hire one and understand what kind of cases they work on. Private detectives carry out investigations on the behalf of private clients. It is important to hire an experienced and trained investigator to make sure they do things properly. Their job is to investigate cases and find evidence lawyers and cops may have missed to help your case.


We have several experienced private investigators in Las Vegas that have been working with Unity One, Inc. for years. It is our goal to provide quality work and can handle a wide range of cases. As one of the leaders in securities, we also offer the best private investigators in the nation.


In our seven years of experience in this field, we have seen that there is a lack of knowledge within the community about what a PI actually does. This is why we are going to go over specifics you need to know. That way you can determine if hiring a private detective would be beneficial for your case.


To begin, we are going to look at what types of cases PI’s handle:  

-          Employee theft

-          Embezzlement

-          Fraud

-          Missing’s person cases

-          Investor due diligence to ensure investments

-          Background checks

-          Domestic and criminal investigations


If you are dealing with any of these cases, it would be a very wise investment to find an experienced private investigator to properly handle your case. Many times, people want to know how our private detectives in Las Vegas can help them solve their case. The benefits of hiring a PI can determine a conviction or acquittal in criminal cases. Choosing a credible investigation firm can protect you from hiring a bad employee and uncover any fraud that may occur within your business. It will not only save you time, but give you the support you need to handle special cases properly.


How a private investigator can help you?



Private detectives at Unity One are highly trained licensed professionals who have passed rigorous testing in the military or law enforcement academy’s. Their training and education in the field helps them understand how the system works. This understanding assists them accurately solve cases.



Private investigators have extensive experience in interviewing witnesses, covert operation, evidence gathering, counter intelligence, and private surveillance. They have valuable training in evidence gathering and packaging. The private detective’s at Unity One has worked in with the FBI, law enforcement and local law, and the military. With their extensive experience, they can review evidence of the prosecutor and find information that may help your case. This could exonerate you if you are in a defense case or help you prosecute someone. If you are compiling a case against someone, PI’s can help you present the case to help you win.



Private investigators have access to resources that you may not have, especially if they have years of experience in the field. Their connections can assist you in locating pertinent information that can make or break your case. They have contacts to the right people to access evidence, which they can review to make sure nothing is missed. Their knowledge and resources help them obtain evidence legally, correctly, and package it so it is presentable in court. Private detectives have accessible tools to help them with evidence analysis and finding evidence that maybe the prosecutor may have missed.



If you are looking for a private investigator, please be smart and hire one. They can help you tremendously in solving difficult cases!


For those who are interested, find someone you trust.

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